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Geoscience Information Services has an extensive archive of copyrighted 35-mm color slides and photographs taken by the GIS staff, the result of more than 50 years of travel in the United States and in many other regions of the world. The photographs document the natural and human world and are available in digital format, with distribution by CD-ROM or DVD.

The principal topics included are glaciers, volcanoes, Iceland, Hawai'i, New England, Galápagos Islands, global environmental change, other geographic areas and topics, fauna and flora, airborne and satellite remote sensing, and miscellaneous artistic photographs and images. From non-copyrighted ancillary sources, such as NASA and other U.S. government websites, images of the Earth and its Moon, Solar System, including terrestrial telescopic images, flyby and orbiter images of planets and moons, and the Universe (mostly from Hubble Space Telescope images)

GIS images of the Earth System, whether copyrighted or non-copyrighted (non-GIS sources), often cover the above topics from three perspectives: ground, aerial, and satellite. URL addresses are provided for ancillary sources of images, such as and, especially satellite images of the dynamic Earth System.

Population of photographs in the Archive is currently underway, and new images will be added as they are catalogued.

The GIS Ground, Aerial, and Satellite Photography® Archive will be divieded into the following categories:

Earth and Moon
Global Environmental Change
Solar System
New England
Fauna & Flora
Galápagos Islands, Equador
Geographic Areas
Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing

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